I am looking for a MySQL client such as Navicat or HeidiSQL that can manage/add/delete rows in nested set tables.

To be more precise I am looking for client that will automatically rebuild the lft,rgt and level columns commonly used in nested set tables - typically based on a parent_id column - either after each insert or on demand.


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You can manage, add, delete rows using EMS SQL Manager for MySQL. For other purposes you asked please visit: Specifying master level using EMS SQL Manager

Here's some of its features

Advanced data manipulation tools

  • View, edit, search, group, sort, filter any data stored in registered database
  • Powerful BLOB viewer/editor with several types of viewing BLOB data
  • Master-detail view to work with two linked tables at the same time
  • Table and card views to see data the way you like
  • Support of queries returning Multiple Result sets
  • Ability to copy and paste selected records
  • Exporting data to SQL script as INSERT statement

Hope this helps.

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