I'm looking for a currently maintained Firefox add-on that provides:

  • a grouping functionality with a "group tab" bar in addition to the tab bar,
  • drag-and-drop of tabs between groups,
  • an ability to rename tab groups,
  • an ability to suspend/hibernate (unload) tab groups,
  • correct session restore on browser restart, compatible with Firefox 29.

What I'm basically searching for is a replacement for the TabGroups Manager add-on, which is sadly no longer maintained.


You may try TGM as a replacement for TGM. It isn't a perfect match, but it is currently maintained and provides:

  • A group tab menu
  • Drag and drop between groups
  • Ability to rename tab groups
  • Ability to close tab groups.

But there are numerous cons to it:

  • In my experience, it fails when relaunching
  • Cannot hibernate tab groups (but can kill them)
  • It's a menu, and not a bar like in Manager
  • It has a few graphical glitches, the menu icon keeps changing.
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In the end, I've turned to the community version of TabGroups Manager, developed by a group of people who decided to continue the work of the original creator.

It works fine on modern Firefox versions, up to and including 37.0.1.

Note: since Google Code is closing down, the project URL will probably change in the near future.

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