How do I back up my Web-Based Email Accounts? I have multiple Email addresses and each of them has multiple folders. I want to have categorized backups automatically every 1 week. is there any application that can do this for me.(through IMAP or pop) paid or free email host is private webmail with pop and IMAP access.


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I use Mail Backup X. I had tested a few more mail backup tools like Horcrux, however only Mail Backup X met my needs.

It backs up my gmail and Yahoo accounts. Furthermore, I am saving them offline to an external drive. It works on both IMAP as well as POP.

  • thnx, I will try it :)
    – Arash
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 19:36

the one tool i can clearly recommend for this task is combined with the client Thunderbird, its his Addon ImportExportTools:

  • it can export mails as eml-, html-, text- and pdf-files with a html- or csv-index or also export as a single mbox-file.
  • the export can be applied for a single mail, selected mails in bulk, all mails or even automatically as backup (full or incremental).
  • for the export the folder hierarchy and subfolders can be respected/included.
  • for the name of the files you can select date (with or without time), subject, sender/recipient, receipt-order,...
  • it can also import mbox-, eml- and emlx-files.
  • it is FOSS (GPL3) and therefor adding lacking features is more or less easily possible.
  • Thunderbird and ImportExportTools are cross-platform available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • it has a GUI and should also be usable by tech-unsavvy users.

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