Wondering if someone can advice on an loyalty program web platform. I need something that allows collecting points, spending points on rewards, generates reports for admins etc

I'm interested in either an actual platform (developed, managed and hosted by 3rd party providers) or a piece of software that can be downloaded and installed on a server on your own. Paid, Open Source - doesn't matter.

I've done some google based research but instead of reading lines of marketing blurbs, would be great to know if anyone has an actual experiences working with one.



Disclosure: I’m from Antavo, a loyalty program provider and management platform.

The loyalty programs we’ve built from our clients include point systems, promotional campaigns with points, as well as gamified elements too, like membership tiers and rewarding non-purchase engagements.

We also have a dashboard which displays program performance metrics like enrollment in the program, point earn and spend, frequency of loyalty program actions (i.e. social sharing, friend referrals, video views) and the popularity of individual rewards.


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