There are apps like Teamviewer that allows you to access a desktop computer remotely from an iPhone, iPad, or Android. My question is, are there any apps that allow you to access a desktop computer remotely using the Samsung Gear VR headset?

I'd preferably want an app available through either the Oculus app store or the SideloadVR app store, but failing that a Google Cardboard app would be acceptable if it works on Samsung Gear VR.

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There are several VNC clients for Cardboard, you'll need some other app to disable Oculus home (it's a toggle, not permanent) so that you can use your gear as if it were a cardboard HMD, and a VNC server client on your target PC. Personally, I use Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR, VR Remote Desktop Free, and TightVNC (running as a service on my laptop). The Oculus disabler cost $0.99, but the other two are free. edit: once bigscreenvr finishes their code, it should be available on Oculus home, with the added benefit of upto 4 users in a virtual room, with u pto 3 screens! code fasta fellahs... crossed fingers

  • Couldn't you just put the Samsung phone in the Gear VR without connecting it to the metal connector? That's how I use my iPhone with the Gear VR. Feb 24, 2017 at 22:43
  • i suppose you could, but then you lose the touchpad.
    – vu1kan
    Feb 24, 2017 at 22:44

So far I've only found one solution, involving Stream Theater, an app that's not found in the Samsung Gear VR's official Oculus Store, but is instead available through SideloadVR. In any case, this Reddit thread gives instructions on how to use the Stream Theater app as a Remote Desktop.

Other answers are welcome.

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