One of my clients needs to deploy his software in a knowingly licensing-hostile, piracy-friendly country, in the Defense field.

Tracking authorized & legit software usage through the network will be complicated to negotiate with his client, as the software will probably run in a confined environment.

I am thinking of possible workarounds for this. I have a few Tracks/Ideas, like asynchronous dumps and regular monthly license rechecks. Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.


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We were using a hardware + software solution from Wibu. While we used WibuKey, the proper solution would probably be Codemeter.

Codemeter comes with an SDK that you can integrate into your application. This is the software recommendation part.

Be aware that there are USB-to-Ethernet boxes that could be used to share a dongle between users. However, it's possible to query in code whether the dongle is attached locally (we forgot that part initially).

Pro: strongest security possible IMHO

Contra: hardware cost and hardware shipping / exchange in case of loss.

While it's basically simple to integrate, make sure you read the developer's manual. It has a lot of good content. This may take some days to understand and implement.

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