I am almost desperate enough to use MS Outlook, but would strongly prefer something portable.

Must have

  • Gratis
  • Windows (10)
  • Support multiple email addresses
  • [update] auto-correct spell checker

Nice to have

  • plays well with Gmail (and my own server)
  • large user base and good support
  • support for GPG encryption
  • other security features
  • fairly standard look/feel
  • plugins

It looks like MS Outlook is no longer free. I am experimenting with Windows 10's built-in Mail app.

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Portable Apps has a portable version of Thunderbird that should do the job nicely.

  • Gratis - Yes
  • Windows (10) - Yes & 7/8
  • Support Multiple email addresses/accounts - Yes
  • Plays well with GMail and others - Yes
  • Large User Base Yes both portable apps and Thunderbird have large user base and active communities
  • GPG Yes "You can also add in GPG and Enigmail to encrypt and sign your email"
  • Spell Check, etc. Yes
  • Fairly standard look & feel: enter image description here
  • Ooopsies!! Sorry, Steve, I am already using ThunderbIrd (+1), I just phrased the question badly. I asked in the title for an auto-correct spell checker, but forgot to put it in the list of must have features. I have been using TB since Qualcomm scrapped Eudroa, but the lack of this features is now aggravating me so much that I am willing to switch. Even (shudder) to MS Outlook, if I can't get a good portable client (portable because I reinstall Windows every few months). Any ideas?
    – Mawg
    Jan 22, 2017 at 12:43

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