I'm working with ElasticSearch now which sometimes can throw 40MB JSONs back at me. Just browsing such a thing is difficult without support for collapsing/expanding some JSON subtrees (in brackets in JSON of course) and I need to edit this on top of browsing.

Is there an editor or at least viewer for OSX that is capable of doing that?

Unfortunately SublimeText 3 is not able to do that.

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You can use Vim editor. See: How to fold text in a JSON file?

As per above, the minimal setup would be:

:set filetype=json
:syntax on
:set fdm=syntax

Then use zo and zc shortcuts to open and close foldings (see: :h fold-commands).

See also: Folding at Vim Wikia.

For better JSON highlighting of keywords vs values, you can consider vim-json plugin.

To improve performance further more for a big file, try to open it in read-only (-R).

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