I am looking for a Software, that can scan a network and display me the IP addresses of the router and the switches.

The Network is pretty big.

I need it because everything is just plugged together anyhow and I want to bring structure into it. Before doing that I need to know the current configuration.

Starting from scratch would not be a possible solution, because it's a running System which is used 24/7

Free Tools are preferred but aint a must

  • On what OS do you want to be able to run the tool? Linux?
    – Nicolas Raoul
    May 9, 2014 at 9:20

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After installing many tools,

Lan State Pro is the way to go,

since it creates you a network plan, which is easy to understand (the Standard Network Icons are used and gives you the possibility to add custom Icons)


  1. You are able to modify the plan after creation, within the tool.

  2. You can export the plan to Visio and vice versa.

  3. You can turn on background scanning, which is pretty good to detect new Clients in your network.

  4. It supports more than the most common network Protocolls


Network Scan is pretty slow.


Advanced IP Scanner would be good solution for you - free tool for learning about what is on your network, you can even save your scans to a spreadsheet which is very handy.

  • Please expand a little (maybe quote some of the product documentation) on why this would be a good tool. What does the tool offer?
    – holroy
    Jul 15, 2015 at 18:39

All the Tools you need are most probably integrated in every OS, but also somehow hidden. If it is a large Network, I guess there will be a DNS Server. And the DNS Server is probably the guy who can tell you everything about all the Network Devices Connected and registered.

You can use several tools to identify the machines. I personally prefer Mac and Linux regarding those operations.

Here is a good start for searching a tool for your request :

You should also have admin login codes to log into the machines and be sure what it is.

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