1. Summary

I often occur breaks Internet connection or bad Internet connection. I don't find program, which would help fast determine the cause of breaks Internet connection.

2. Expected behavior

I don't have Internet Connection or I have bad connection. I run program → I see result in my monitor, for example:

  • Most likely, the problem is in your router. Please, to make $actions$. See $additional information$.
  • Most likely, the problem is in your provider. Please, to make $actions$. See $additional information$.

1. Requirements

  • Gratis,
  • Windows 10 compatible.

2. Desirable requirements

  • Easy to use for nonspecialists.

3. Do not offer

Yes, I know about ping, tracert, ipconfig, netstat utilities and about pyspeedtest Python package. I want identify causes more quickly.

  • I assume you also don't want the Windows built-in network connection diagnosis – Thomas Weller Jan 18 '17 at 18:33
  • What does "more quickly" mean? How long do those programs take and what duration is acceptable? A ping -n 1 on Windows takes 1 second to complete. So, that's too slow, right? How many milliseconds do you need? I can't even measure the time of ipconfig, it's just too fast (maybe 100 ms). It seems to me that it takes longer to click on whatever program to start it. – Thomas Weller Jan 18 '17 at 18:35
  • @ThomasWeller, 1) I try to use built-in network connection diagnosis, but I don't get reasons of my bad connections. If it's possible, it would be nice, if someone tell me about it. // 2) I print in my command line ping command, I get result. But I don't get reason of my bad connection. I need print other commands, and it may takes a lot of time. // Thanks. – Саша Черных Jan 18 '17 at 18:42

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