There is too unclear situation for beginner - what is propriate for my case please?

I have few PCs (Linux) with 4-8 cores each. All ssh accessible on 1 GB network. My function will contain a call to some previously compiled code, like ./work < input_file > output_file. One evaluation can take a minute or even much more, I can run it several times in parallel.

I can see jug, scoop, pp, pathos? In the lists there are tens of packages and some may be too old. Only thing I know is I want to use new python - 3.5. Thank you. No answer on similar q: Parallel execution library for Python


I went through several packages and pathos seems to work with my python 3.5.

from pathos.parallel import ParallelPool as Pool
import time
pool = Pool()

def host(id):
    import socket
    from math import sin
    for i in range(1,1000):
        for j in range(1,10000):
    return "Rank: %d -- %s. %f" % (id, socket.gethostname(),sum+id)

pool.ncpus = 4
print("Evaluate on "+str(pool.ncpus)+" cpus")
pool.servers = ('localhost:5653','localhost:5654', 'Fil:5653')

res5 = pool.amap( host, range(16) )
while not res5.ready():
         print(stats()  )
print(  "\n".join(res5.get()) )

Provided I run ppserver.py -p 5653 -w 8 -t 300 2x locally and on Fil node

If there is a better answer, give it please.

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