I have dynamically allocated IP addresses which changes every time my router powers off or disconnects for any reason (I have a somewhat reliable ISP so this could be multiple times a day).

I need to keep track of communications I send out and which IP they come from so I can track and note duplicates.

The ideal software would be able to make a new entry in an excel file every time my IP changes.

An absolutely ideal feature would notify me automatically whenever I was switched to an IP which already existed in the log (however unlikely this may be), so I could make the appropriate notes/take the appropriate measures.


  • Are you saying you want to log the computer’s own IP number used to identify itself on the network? I don't understand what you mean exactly by "I have dynamically allocated IP addresses". – Basil Bourque Jan 14 '17 at 6:27
  • Yes. The IP addresses that represent my location on the internet are dynamically assigned to me by my ISP. – user1299028 Jan 14 '17 at 7:41

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