Many years ago, I had a program that could take a screenshot, and from within the program, I could add mouse pointers (as many as I wanted) to me screenshot after it was taken.

I'm aware that there are many screen capture utilities that can include the mouse pointer or cursor in the screen shot. I also know that, with enough know-how, almost any image editing program can add a pointer to an image or screenshot. But what I am looking for is an easy, simple, and quick way to add a mouse pointer or cursor to an already existing image or screenshot.

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Perhaps the program you used was MWSnap, (Windows app) a circa 2002 program that still runs on Windows 10, and has the ability to add various cursors and pointers to images.

For cross-platform, there's Cursor that Screenshot, a GitHub repository and website that allows you to upload an image and add a cursor to it using just your web browser.

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