I subscribe to a news site that frequently publish a page with a show in an enbeded video (the show) and a link to the MP3 of the show. The page is available to anyone but you need a valid subscription to see the video and download the MP3.

New shows are published on a public RSS flux with a link to the show page.

I have of course a subscription to the show.

I was wondering what collection of plugins/tools I should use to:

  1. Trigger the script when there is a RSS publication

  2. Connect to the page through my browser already logged on the website. (Maybe Selenium?)

  3. Download the MP3 link (the <a> tag for the MP3 always use the same class).

I am on Windows 10.

  • Are you talking about a video podcast ? Cause what you describe very precisely looks like a video podcast ...
    – Riduidel
    Apr 27, 2020 at 8:46
  • They don't have per-subscriber RSS feeds? For several things I listen to, they have subscriber-only RSS feeds, which I can then pick up with desktop rss feed reader. Sep 12, 2023 at 15:37

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You could do this with a couple of python libraries working together:

  • RSS Feed Parser for which the example here may be very useful
  • youtube-dl supports 1000s of services and can download the videos & audio file from them including posting a username & password, etc. if your news site is a popular one it is probably supported or if that is not working for the service you are using
  • Mechanize can act like a browser, including cookies, etc., and can pretend to be a number of browser types or any of a number of other python web client libraries

Your python script could query the RSS feed to check for new posts and if there are any connect to the web server, log on and download the Video &/or MP3 file(s).

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