I wanted to know if someone knows a good .NetStandard conform library to create PDFs.

Task I want to perform

The goal is to extend a static site generator that transforms Markdown to HTML to also provide a book version for some parts of the site (transforming the Markdown to PDF using some templates to apply styles section wise).

The output PDF should have

  • different background images
    • for different chapters
  • multi column layout
  • additional textboxes / images / tables
    • that can be referenced from text
  • text references

The PDF will be used as full color rulebook for a game.

I do not search a library that does everything for me. But I wouldn't mind to use it, if it already exists.

A simple library that allows to print text, images, and other things on a page would be enough (as long as I can find out the size of the text before it is printed).

With this I could try to create a library that would be something like LaTeX (but most likely not as power full and performant ;)) that will be consumed by the static site generator.

Aditional requirements

  • Open Source (should be consumable by an MIT library)
  • .NetStandard (with a maintained nuget package)

I looked already at PdfSharp, but unfortunately it does not work with .NetStandard, like all other libs I saw.

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