I want a tiny little video player without the windows borders and stuff like that that sits in the corner and plays videos.

Like this Android YouTube or VLC player that has a feature to play videos on top in the corner:

image source: How to Watch YouTube in the Background on Android

Something like that but for Windows.

It should the following features:

  • be without borders, title bar, etc. It should just play frame-less video
  • resizable
  • always on top (as an option)
  • snap to screen borders and the Taskbar
  • drag to move
  • drag-and-drop videos into the player to play them
  • usual keyboard controls (play/pause/stop, next/prev, fast-forward/backward)
  • gratis

Optional features:

  • playlist support
  • play YouTube videos (lot of desktop playes are able to do this nowadays, like VLC, MPC-BE)

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