I have a decent Core i7 PC, running Windows 10, and due to amounts of raw data I'm working with every other day, I have 5 SATA HDDs installed in addition to system SSD drive. Well, the thing is that I also like to make my PC to run quieter and waste less energy when I'm not using those drives actively.

Now, there are two methods to achieve that - one method, of course, is Windows built-in power settings. By using them I can set 'idle time' after with to spin-down the drives. That feature, unfortunatly, doesn't work all that well, because it spins-up the drives from time to time randomly, or when I'm performing search, or when antivirus software suddenly wants to check something, and so on. As a result - using Windows built-in power management to power down HDDs is a pain - it's unreliable, distracting and occasionally random.

Second option, that I've been personally using for about 8 years now, is small 3rd party utility called RevoSleep (made by some german guy, I believe). It allows to manually spin-down individual drives from simple taskbar popup menu with single click. While made for Windows XP originally, RevoSleep worked perfectly through all these years and Windows version, up till I updated to Windows 10 - while it still kind of works even in Win10, now it sometimes freezes or occasionally throws some error messages and such. In short - I want something more stable, as the developer hasn't updated RevoSleep in years.

Can somebody suggest something similar to achieve functionality of RevoSleep - both in ease-of-use, and reliability?

  • Do you have any price requirements? – Aiden Grossman Dec 30 '16 at 4:11
  • 1
    Well, RevoSleep is freeware, but I wouldn't mind to spend few bucks on useful tool. – Artanis Dec 30 '16 at 12:41

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