There is an app that allows you to browse your entire OS X photos.app library called photoscope (http://photoscopeapp.com). I'm trying to find other better apps that allow you to browse your library from iphone/ipad.

Does anyone know of other apps. Tried alternativeto.net but no luck.

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There is actually a number of apps that could fit, if I understand your question correctly. Have a look at:

Check them out, maybe one of them can work for you.

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    thank you for the reply. But i guess i should be more specific. I would like to be able to stream/accees off my mac the entire contents of my Photos library... similar to the concept above. where the app i mentioned as a "helper" on the computer and a companion IOS app that allows to access all the photos and videos and albums etc.. I don't want to store library on any cloud services.
    – Lacer
    Aug 10, 2017 at 15:24

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