While recording a podcast, it would be useful to be able to set markers for later editing. Eg, to mark that I just heard...

  • a mistake or awkward silence that I want to edit out
  • a bit of info that should go in the show notes
  • a great soundbite for previewing the episode

Ideally I could define some marker types and keyboard shortcuts - eg mm for "mark mistake", to be shown as a red marker, mi for for "mark info", to be shown as a green marker, etc.

However, any kind of "mark for later review" feature would be better than trying to scribble down "5:38" somewhere myself.

I'm currently using Audacity and don't see a way to do this.

So I'm looking for:

  • Audio recording software that allows setting markers while recording to help guide later editing
  • Preferably available for MacOS
  • Paid is OK. I'd like to know about any options, regardless of price, although obviously cheap or free is nice if possible.

Does any audio recording / editing software include a feature like this?


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While playing back audio in Audacity, you can press Ctrl-M (or -. on Mac) to insert a label at the current playback position.

You can type a note while playback continues if you wish, and press Enter to finish the note. Or you can press Ctrl-M at any time to finish the current note and start a new one at the new playback point.

To add a label while editing, rather than playing, Ctrl-B (-B on Mac) will insert a note at the current cursor position, or spanning the current selection. Or just click on the appropriate point in the Labels track and start typing.

You can edit a note by clicking its label. You can delete an empty note by pressing Backspace while editing it.

Labels can be exported or imported in text format from the File menu.


Total Recorder Pro may meet your requirements, although it appears for Windows machines only. Here's one segment of the description to meet your requirement for markers:

Use Cue-sheet files. Total Recorder lets you create cue-points, which can be used for splitting a file afterwards. These cue-points can be created manually, for example to make a bookmark in a sound file. Or they can be created automatically during a recording session (based on pause reduction, changes of the clip information in an external player, etc.) or while capturing streaming audio and information about a track changes.

At a price of just shy of US$36.00, it won't break the bank, if non-Mac doesn't break the deal.


you could use Logic Pro X, Its exelent software for recording an editing for Mac Os, another software could be Ardour that is more dificult but so professional too.

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