I have checked so many SFTP clients already, but one is worse than other. But seriously... I need exactly the following features:

  • Be easily usable using keyboard, and not only with mouse

  • Be the GUI working FAST, and do not freeze all the time

  • Support multithread connections so I could continue browsing the SFTP, while it's transfering files

  • Automaticly update directly edited files

  • Support segmented file transfer, so I could use my FULL network speed and not like 10% of it for transfering files (I have over 100Mbit download speed, so it's very boring, when I see 500KB/s or 2MB/s downloads instead if 10MB/s from high quality dedicated servers)

  • Support private key based SSH encryption

  • It should have a GUI interface of course, it doesn't need to be so super nice, just fast

So far what I found is the following:

FileZilla: Totally unusable without mouse

TotalCommander: It's fast, but it keeps randomly disconnecting, which is super bad

WinScp: It's GUI is very slow and often freezes and does slow file transfer, even if I use 9 threads

FTP Voyager: Totally unusable without mouse

CuteFTP: Totally unusable without mouse

CyberDuck: Randomly crashes

SmartFTP: Randomly crashes

BitKinex: This client was closest to my needs, however it failed to connect to some SFTPs, because of some Cipher issues :O I found this about these Ciphers, but after doing that BitKinex closes the connection to that SFTP server, so I have no idea about what to do...

I tried this solution for cipher issues: http://steronius.blogspot.sk/2014/10/ssh-no-matching-cipher-found.html

So seriously, is there any really perfectly working SFTP client for Windows? I am even able to buy it, if it's seriously good. Please suggest me a program, even a free or paid one, which is working properly.

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    Just to clarify: You are looking for something with a GUI, right? If so, could you add that (or maybe some more specific info on what needs to be graphical for you) to your initial requirements? If you are not requiring a GUI, on the other hand, have you also checked out WinSCP's text-based scripting interface? – O. R. Mapper Dec 20 '16 at 22:08
  • All right, so I need a GUI (added it to the requirements now :) ), since I wanna use it manually and not by programs. I use Windows only as a desktop enviroment, so I use Ubuntu or Centos on all my dedi server machines and VPS-s, and that's why I need a good Windows application for being able to handle these manual file transfers easily. – gyurix Dec 20 '16 at 22:14
  • So, is there anyone who knows the answer to the question? – gyurix Dec 21 '16 at 19:58
  • The speed is not because of some segmented stuff, but because encryption and security is not for free. – Jakuje Dec 21 '16 at 22:16
  • I don't really think it's related to that. If the software is coded efficiently, then the security related things shouldn't cause any visible lag / slowdown. Take a look at the TotalCommander FTP management for example. It's like 10x faster than the FTP management in WinSCP. – gyurix Dec 21 '16 at 23:50

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