Ever since chat stopped working on Facebook's website, I have been looking for an alternative to the bloaty spyware-laden Messenger app. There are many alternatives, many of which even share the same name -- very confusing.

Which one would you recommend?

Ideal criteria:

  • Part of a multiprotocol app.

  • Supports OTR, with ability to import private keys.

  • Saves chat history.

  • No unreasonable permissions granted! No location, local phone contacts, local files, SMS or phone access---nothing but network access, which is all it needs.

  • Supports user searching.

  • No new accounts need to be made. I want it to log onto Facebook directly, using the same protocol Messenger uses.

Video and audio not necessary.

Need not be free.


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Disa is my recommendation.It is a platform for unified messaging you can connect several IM into this open source program.Disa has everything that a traditional IM can offer.

enter image description here

You can get it from Playstore

  • Yeah, Disa is pretty good. It still lacks Hangouts and generic XMPP, which was surprising, but still, pretty good. It'll do for now. Thanks! Jan 27, 2017 at 20:26
  • Could you briefly elaborate whether and how Disa is less "bloaty" and "spyware-laden", as the OP says, than the original FB messenging app, please? Dec 19, 2017 at 5:26

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