I want to make a word game based around Russian language (for reasons). I don't really know the language, but that shouldn't stop me as long as I have the right resources. For this game to work, I would need at least a Russian Scrabble dictionary. I'm not particularly looking for a piece of software (unless it is a ready to use JavaScript library), but rather a free resource that I can incorporate for offline use in the game.

In the past I used JMdict/EDICT Japanese-English dictionary for similar purpose, but I assume there might be no Russian-English equivalent. I also used a simple Polish Scrabble dictionary (that was basically a text file with the words separated by new line characters). Surly something like this must exist for Russian language as well?. I wasn't able to find anything myself. It might have be the fact google results are too localized, but more likely it's just me not knowing the language. I would really appreciate some help.


You can get a Russian MySpell dictionary from here or huntpell format from here and there is a variety of packages to open them such as Enchant or pyEnchant. There are also online descriptions of the hunspell format such as here that should get you started.

  • I'll have to filter the names out (looks doable), but otherwise it's exactly what I needed. Thank you kindly.
    – jahu
    Dec 9 '16 at 10:12
  • It may be worth looking at the python nltk for filtering parts of speech. Dec 9 '16 at 17:09

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