I am looking for an "enterprise password management"/password vault suite, along the lines of Thycotic's Secret Server. (We're evaluating password management/password vault solutions for our enterprise, and my boss would like me to evaluate at least two products.)

What we need is a way to share passwords within the IT department (at least), and then manage them as people join or leave. We were using a password protected spreadsheet, until we "upgraded" to KeePass (a lateral move, really). With thousands of passwords, I'm simply not willing to go through what we had to do last time a sysadmin left, which was "change all the passwords in the environment. NOW!!!"

I have four requirements:

  • Must support encryption of the entire database/collection
    • From above, even an Excel spreadsheet or SharePoint site supports this, so easy requirement.
  • Must allow granular access control to entries or groups of entries
    • Must be able to restrict a particular password or grouping/folder/etc. to a specified person or group of people.
      • For example, credentials for accounts with domain admin rights can only be viewed by the domain admins, but the network gear credentials can only be viewed by the network admins.
  • Must not be cloud-based, as in it must be something we can install on our servers, as well as access and manage internally.
    • Not negotiable, due to management (rather than technical) concerns about the cloud and some other company potentially having access to our passwords and such.
  • Can import data from standard data formats (xml, csv, xls(x) or KeePass)

Highly desirable features are:

  • AD/LDAP integration
  • Easy auto-logon/one-click-logon (or ability to integrate with something that does
    • For example, ability to launch SSH client and auto-logon from a stored router password, or ability to launch RDP and logon to a Windows server from a stored Windows server password.
  • Ability to change passwords from within the application
  • Ability to expire or track expiration within the application
    • For compliance reason, we have to change the passwords on many of our service accounts at certain intervals, and I would like to track this within our password management suite.
  • Templates/ability to handle other data types
    • Credit cards and vendor support PINs, for example.
  • Ability to create password templates
  • Auditing user activity
  • Reporting (who has access to what)

I have no particular preference regarding (F)OSS or proprietary solutions, and not much concern to price - cheaper is better, but better is much better than cheaper.

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I've worked in a large cloud infrastructure firm that used ManageEngine Password Manager Pro for this purpose.

All of the feature requests you have are covered by the functionality of this suite.

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