I got a list of proxies. Some from Egypt, some from Italy, etc.

Say I want to use a certain proxy. One way to do so is to go to Tools → Options bla bla.

Is there an add-on that make this faster?

I want to see how a site looks in some countries.

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I'd suggest you take a look at FoxyProxy, which is available in two flavors: a standard version and another basic version:

FoxyProxy FoxyProxy
FoxyProxy (source: AMO; click images for larger variants)

You setup your proxies once by picking them from a list and assigning them a color. Then you can switch easily via a dropdown – or even have FoxyProxy switch them automatically based on hostnames or other "patterns".

I've used it for quite a while some time ago, and really liked it. Didn't make any trouble, but simply did its job smoothly. Really recommendable.

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