Yes, I know this question exists: https://superuser.com/questions/1011409/how-do-i-export-a-midi-to-a-sound-file-without-playing-it-in-realtime

But none of the answers I found on there were of any help.


Are there any tools that can convert a MIDI file to a WAV file with the option to use other Soundfonts?

I have not had any success with Winamp Plug-ins or Timidity++. I have been searching the the internet for a simple and free tool to do the job (it can't possibly be that difficult).

Preferred (in order of priority):

  1. Free
  2. Portable (As mentioned before)
  3. Can be used with command-line
  4. Maybe other options such as format to output to or bit-rate.
  • try anvil studio
    – Fennekin
    Dec 4 '16 at 5:10
  • Shopping questions are off topic and should not really be answered.
    – Xavierjazz
    Dec 4 '16 at 5:21
  • @Xavierjazz Ok, maybe I should get this question moved to stack exchange music.
    – FluorescentGreen5
    Dec 4 '16 at 7:11
  • @Fennekin I managed to get a portable version of anvil studio with universal extractor, I may post my steps on how I did that as an answer. I will get back once I try to figure out how to render a midi to a soundfile.
    – FluorescentGreen5
    Dec 4 '16 at 7:43
  • Use file->export mixed audio in anvil studio
    – Fennekin
    Dec 4 '16 at 7:54

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