My friends are begging me to get snapchat. My IOS operating system is too bad, and my phone is a 3G so I can't upgrade it.

Is there a snapchat emulator for Windows?

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There is no emulator of snapchat itself (that I am aware of). However there are plenty of android emulators available for PC with support for the google play store, meaning you can install snapchat onto the emulated android OS the same way you would install on a phone or tablet.

Android emulators like Andyroid or BlueStacks will do what you need (both have been linked above).

Alternatively you could try running the x86 port of android as a virtual machine on VirtualBox.


As above user said,,there is no any snap chat emulator.

But yet available android emulators ain't good in performance wise and most of them a too laggy no matter how the plenty memory you got!

the only option is using virtualisation method by installing android-x86 ports on virtualisation softwares like virtualbox ,VMware etc..Follow this For Installation on VBox

The other option is using ready mad android x86 port for pc called Remix Os. Every details is available on their website.

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