Right now I am part of a team developing a marketplace, and we have a internal problema which we are searching for a tool to solve. Basically what happens is that we often stumbled upon some problems and we end up solving them after a few hours of work, and what we usually do is to share this problem and its solution in a team chat (right now we are using Slack), but turns out that this kind of information is getting lost over time, and because of that, after sometime another person stumbles upon the same problem and does not know that someone else on the team already went through that same problem.

So, we were wondering if there is a tool especifically to solve this problem, some kind of panel for problems and concerns, that we could categorize, organize and filter through the information. We are looking for something simple and direct, that would make easier to share daily basis problems and solutions.


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2 Possible options are a) a ticketing system & b) a wiki and from the sound of it the wiki is the best bet as you are trying to capture information to be retrieved later.

MediaWiki is one of the more common such solutions and allows you to include tags, searchable items, etc. with installation instructions here.

If you don't wish to run your own server then there are a number of online services such as GitLabs and many others which allow you to host wikis, plus trackers, source code and even code reviews online in gitlabs in private restricted access repositories online for reasonable prices.

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