I have a number of GPX files upon which I would like to perform some statistical analysis.

The sort of thing I am after is to extract journeys from A to B where different routes have been taken, and summarize the journey times. Then perform some analysis of statistically the best route at different times of day and/or days of the week.

Ideally, something that will take a directory full of GPX files and will produce a report. However, as that is probably wishful thinking, something that can produce a CSV file or similar with timing fields, waypoints and other data will be fine. I can than massage that separately.

I'm not after simply showing the GPX tracks on a map. It is the extraction that is key. Does anything like this exist? I haven't been able to find it.

I'm also open about the OS platform, Windows for preference but I have access to Apples and various Linux boxes too.

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How much detail do you want to get out of those GPX files?

If it's related to distance/total ascent (profile related stats), you can use gpx2kml.com

It is free and you can store your tracks for future analysis. Even if you have them all in a list, it will not aggregate data. Or, you can join your tracks within one file and see the stats displayed after a conversion.


Three months after posting the question, the nearest thing I have found to an answer is GPS Visualizer.

A website to which you can upload a number of GPX files and which will return a CSV file containing the tracks and waypoints. This can then be read into a spreadsheet and analyzed separately.


There is also My GPS Files which can do some of what you want.

Primarily for visualising overlaid tracks on a map, it will output aggregated data.

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