What are some good text editors similar to Sublime Text 3 that can run an R console? Or is there an alternative of SublimeREPL that runs in Sublime? This is in Windows

  • I have tried Rstudio but I don't like the interface, everything is too small and cramped.
  • I like SublimeREPL but it's very unreliable and unstable.
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    "Good text editor" is very subjective. I've been using Emacs/ESS for nearly five years now and have a really hard time going back to Rterm or RStudio when helping somebody else. It is imperfect but very featureful and actively maintained. I've heard others claim functionality with Vim and R, though I've never tried it. (Not trying to start a war between emacs/vi ...) – r2evans Mar 31 '17 at 6:28

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