I'm trying to find a mobile application to take photos of sensitive documents which are then securely sent directly to my company's server (through SFTP or other means). However, the picture should not be stored on the phone before sending it, just like the online banking apps that take a picture of a check.

I've seen many options for making my own webpage to upload the picture, but none pre-made in a mobile app format.

Does an app like this exist? If not, what's the best way to approach this?

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first from the technical point of view i doubt this is possible... every camera-app i know saves its pictures on the device or memory-card.
in your case you would have to look for a special camera-app saving pictures not localy but as said, i doubt this exists. this will also result in a "not working" camera-app with no/poor network connection or when the server itself is not available.

lets go further to find something like a applicable solution:...

  • if it is really sensitive data you are dealing with, every medium it is stored on, should be encrypted (also think about the server). - even if the data is just cached for a short time; deleted data are not really deleted, especially on flash storages!
  • then you can use pretty every good app to sync your data to your server. - the app will depend on what protocol you are using. (FolderSync works with several servers/protocols, is capable of instant-sync and also auto-deletion of data after synchronization, if you are looking for that.)
    pay attention that at least the transport is encrypted via SSL/TLS or SSH; the best will be a VPN to communicate with your server.

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