I'm looking for a spreadsheet that can be controlled from outside, similar to e.g. how LibreOffice can be controlled via the UNO API.

I'd like it to have standard manual manipulation functionality - nothing extraordinary, but I'd need things like sorting, filtering, etc.

From the API side, I probably need just the basic data push functionality:

  • Programming language agnostic - e.g. some kind of REST service or something simple along those lines
  • Preferably Push API - i.e. the client would push data instead of spreadsheet pulling
  • Create / delete / display sheet
  • Populate data (basic add / remove rows would suffice, even all-or-nothing approach)
  • Styling would be a plus, not a deal breaker

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Google Sheets would seem to meet a lot of your needs:

  • Reasonably Full Spreadsheet Functionality
  • Multiple APIs available including REST, XML & JSON based IRL Fetch
  • Bindings such as the python google-api-python-client library
  • Push API Yes
  • Styling, Sorting, Filtering, etc.
  • Populate data including Add, Remove, etc.
  • Authorisation with OAUTH/OAUTH2
  • Download As: ODF, XMLX, CSV, TSV, Zipped HTML, PDF.

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