I'm looking for an editor that is more or less like Windows' Notepad++ in that it:

  • remembers open files without manual session saving when closing and starting the editor
  • remembers cursor positions in all tabs
  • has something like N++'s "Search in all open files"
  • it is more "lightweight" than Atom

I've used N++ under wine for some time, but it's not satisfactory solution.

I've tried lots of editors for Linux including notepadqq, but it's surprising that in this day and age there is no editor for Linux that would have all of this built-in.

For now I use Atom that at least remembers files and cursor positions, but it's kinda slow and consumes a bit too much memory.


Geany does this in its default settings:

  1. It opens each file in a tab.

  2. It automatically opens the files that were open.

  3. It remembers the last cursor position for each automatically opened file.

  4. It allows searching in all opened files (press Ctrl+f and use the "In session" button).

Geany is free/libre software, available cross-platform (including for GNU/Linux), and gratis.

I don’t know Atom, but I think Geany is a lightweight editor. At least its Wikipedia article agrees: "Geany is a lightweight GUI text editor […]".

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    I used geany a while ago and it could not remember the open files back then, thank you. – LetMeSOThat4U Nov 18 '16 at 17:41

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