Analog to Listing items on eBay, I'm looking for an application running on Linux. Up to now I've been using Jaolt, but that's no longer available (which is why I cannot even provide a link) – setting up a new machine and lacking the source, I thus cannot even install the old version anymore. I want to prepare my "sales" locally on my computer (so no SaaS / web service unless I can host it myself). For those not familiar with Jaolt, just check my answer on the linked question for a "visual description" of eBay's own Turbo-Lister (which was available on the Windows platform until recently).

Jaolt Jaolt
Jaolt item edit and bid watcher (old screenshots; click to enlarge)

In detail, here are my requirements:

MUST have:

  • prepare items locally (not on some other website)
  • editor for item description. No need for fancy stuff here: a simple HTML or Markdown editor is fine.
  • loads categories from eBay and lets me connect them with my items.
  • allows to attach images (and uploads them to eBay)
  • allows to set (multiple) shipment costs (e.g. one for shipping with insurance, one for without, one for "local pickup")
  • save my complete item locally for reuse
  • must run on Linux, best with no dependency on a specific desktop environment (e.g. no KDE stuff). The machine will run on Cinnamon. "Light dependencies" are OK (and expected) – "Wine" doesn't count as such, Python would be acceptable, just to give examples.

Strongly wished for:

  • saving default settings, such as how long the auction should last
  • check "consistency" before upload (to see if it would be accepted, or if details are missing) and show me the eBay cost for listing the item
  • watch online auctions (manual poll is fine, i.e. update the local list on-demand with number of visitors, watchers, bids and the current price)

Real nice-to-have:

  • templates for the editor (or at least the possibility to create/maintain your own templates)
  • macros for often used "phrases", like standard disclaimers or pointing out reduced shipping cost when multiple items are bought
  • preview before uploading

Not needed, but welcome:

  • searching eBay's resources for matching descriptions/images (possible e.g. for books by ISBN)
  • support for fixed prices. I rarely use that and can do without.
  • multi-account support

Open source preferred, but not mandatory. Free of cost, private use only (so no commercial license required). I only use it every now and then, so buying something hardly is an option (though I might consider something for below EUR 20 if it's really overwhelming and I can test it before ;)

If you know a perfect match for Windows, please head over to the linked question and answer it. The current only-answer is probably no longer valid, as eBay stopped the Turbo-Lister application.

  • Its a shame Turbomaker is going down- you could of just ran it In WINE. – Dan Brown Nov 11 '16 at 23:02
  • @DanBrown Urgs... Nope, no wine. I knew I forgot something... – Izzy Nov 11 '16 at 23:04
  • Now that's just making it difficult :) – Dan Brown Nov 11 '16 at 23:11
  • 1
    Hmmmm..... It seems JAOLT can be be grabbed from other places - though how legitimate the source is can be questioned. I'll poke around. – Dan Brown Nov 11 '16 at 23:21
  • 1
    @DanBrown Inkfrog seems to be SaaS (it's definitely browser-based, and reviews have it login takes you to their site). I see no explicit mention of install requirements, and all sounds very much cloudy. The absolute no-go argument is: *…unless you pay a monthly subscription your items will have adds for the app unless you pay a monthly subscription at $11/mth min." Apart from which, only 5 listings are "free". – Izzy Nov 11 '16 at 23:50

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