I need a tool which could be used for a simple data-source analysis by non-tech users.

User story: User X wants to display his last weeks deliveries grouped by manufacturer as a graph. He can achieve this via an app on our corporate website.


  • The tool should be a web-app with its server part being able to run on Linux.
  • On-prem only - data can't go to a cloud!
  • The tool should be multi-user since every user should be able to access a defined data-source only.
  • The tool should allow to create queries by UI (filtering, grouping, etc. w/o need for native queries).
  • The tool has to work with document-based data-sources (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, etc.)
  • The tool should be able to display query results as: tables and graph(s).
  • The tool should be able to display/hint the most common values for given field (my data-source got a table with columns - display 5 most common values).
  • The tool has to be customizable/skinable to fit CI.
  • It would be nice, if the tool allows a SSO integration (OpenID, etc.)
  • OSS tools are preferred :)

Tools which are similar but don't fit for all the given points:

  • Kibana + Elasticsearch
  • Graylog 2 + Elasticsearch (this is quite close, but SSO)
  • Metabase + MongoDB (this is quite close, but SSO and common values)
  • Grafana + Elasticserach
  • Graphite
  • Re:dash + Elasticsearch
  • Tableau + ? (not sure about the data security and a document-based data soruce)

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