I need to track my daily tasks. The plan is I'd list my tasks which I plan to do daily for a month and mark each date when I finish a task.

For example, I might have these tasks

  • Learn new technology daily (30 mins)
  • Try to help Software Recommendation SE daily (30 mins)
  • Practice Skill A daily etc

Whenever I complete a task, I'd mark it in the monthly calendar view. After end of the month, I can see which tasks I completed most successfully and if a goal is reached (optional).

http://chaincalendar.com/ seems to be a simple one. But I need to switch to multiple pages for only a task. Also It is convenient to have such tool for Desktop and Mobile.

My computer OS is Ubuntu Linux and I use Android OS in my Mobile.

Is there any such application? I prefer a simple one because complex apps are overkill.


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I found this app Goal tracker & Habit list to be exact thing I wanted. It has calendar view for the tasks and a simple interface and at the end of the month I can view how I did with the task.

This is a screenshot of the app view

app's screenshot

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