I am looking for a tool that highlights the mouse cursor when clicking.

It should

  • be gratis, open source preferred
  • run on Windows 7 to 10


  • color is configurable
  • it has different colors or shapes for single click and double click

I found a commercial tool PointerFocus which looks much like what I want. There's a similar question for OSX


Try realcursoreditor


Then i used this profile:


The only downside is using this you have to manage your profiles when making videos. Also, enabling yellow highlighter. If you run two different type sof monitors you'll notice a different background hue on your mouse pointer

Alternatively I also usually enable "ctrl" to find my mouse pointer as well under "change mouse settings" in windows 7

  • Thanks, it's the right direction. It does not highlight the cursor when clicking but when Ctrl is pressed. I think I'll forget that sometimes during the presentation. Nov 3 '16 at 21:34

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