I am a software developer. I was asked by a friend about designing a website for its association. Here are my constraints:

Additionally it would be cool if the following criteria were also met:

  • The administration interface has a french translation.
  • A nice plugin into the website for easily adding references to documents from the database

I searched a lot about this and I decided to give a try to Spip for the CMS and Refbase for the paper database. But I am struggling with a lot of problems, mostly due to the fact that last big release and documentation update for refbase was in 2008 and I am encountering mysterious bugs and since I am not a php developer myself, I can't really efficiently deal with those. I have the feeling that the provided SQL script were targeting a Mysql version that is not supported anymore. Fore example I had to replace TYPE=MYISAM by ENGINE=MYISAM in the SQL scripts to get a slightly better working POC.

Moreover I feel a bit uncomfortable about refbase's choice to accept SQL as a parameter in the url.

As a consequence, I am looking for alternatives to spip/refbase that would suit my need. Any suggestion?

EDIT: To answer questions in the comments:

  • About the price limit, I'd rather use free or open-source software, but I would consider using a fantastic solution 20$ sub/month.
  • This is for a small association with around 40 active members.
  • No need for commercial use, this is a non profit association.
  • Aside the reference management database, no specific feature required, I think any CMS such as Joomla or Drupal or any such should do.
  • No restrictions about the server, the plan is to rent something that would suit the need. I'd rather rent a web hosting, but if the solution requires a private server, no problem. I'd rather use a Debian server though
  • Users will be allowed to upload documents. The security measure I foresee is that any new user will have to get approbation from an admin prior to be able to add content.

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http://wikindx.sourceforge.net/ wikindx looks good - I have tried only the demo and not had it installed. I have used refbase and it seems to have trouble partly because it uses CGI and also runs into trouble with PHP7+.

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