I normally use MySql Workbench. But I now have a table that has a column of type TEXT. It is used to store Python script for use in Jython. Some of these scripts can be quite large. Workbench only lets me edit as one line. It really does not work for large TEXT cells.

Any SQL editor that can do this? Something simple that works like notepad type editor when you select a cell. Keeping in mind that it is python code, so keeping format (ie new line and tabs, etc.) is essential.

I am using Ubuntu linux (16.10)


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For your need i think sqlyog will be the best product it is although not free but you will get 30 day trial for premium version and support for this.

You can edit text type like this.

enter image description here

Your text field will retain formatting of your code.

enter image description here

It has community version too.


I am not sure about sqlyog running on linux environment so you have to use wine for running this on linux environment.

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