a long time ago BugMeNot.com was really good and with its browser-addon (at least for firefox) awesome, but now - i assume because of it's popularity and therefore too much removal requests - it is unfortunately nearly useless.

are there good alternatives to BugMeNot which work on more sites?
--> i'm aware that this can't be guaranteed because obviously BugMeNot doesn't publish any statistic... so let's say: are there alternatives which don't accept removals or at least handle them very strict?

well... a browser-addon would be a killer-feature but (after i stopped dreaming) it is not required.

for those who don't know what BugMeNot is:

  • it is a website/webservice (or more or less a "simple" database) with logins for websites which bothers you with free registration
  • user can contribute their (fake-)logins
  • additional a browser-addon is provided to avoid the annoying copy&paste (especially if some logins aren't working - it gets quickly tedious)

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the only alternatives i found are

but on the sites i tested them, all 3 (including BugMeNot) does not work.

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