I've installed bittorrent package via Apt on GNU/Linux, but btdownloadheadless command doesn't support magnet links.

Is there any other bittorrent terminal based client which works with magnet links (installation via apt-get is preferable)? Especially the one which would work similar to Wget?

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  • Deluge has a built in CLI, GUI and web-interface.
  • Transmission has also a built in CLI and GUI.
  • since in MLDonkey the core and GUIs are completely separated, all features will work via CLI.
  • if you just want a CLI have a look at rTorrent although with ruTorrent there is also a third-party web-interface.
  • if you want a similar CLI to wget maybe have a look at aria2, but it has a CLI only.

for sure all of them are capable of magnet-links...
since you said, you use apt on GNU/Linux, i assume you are using Debian or a debian-based distribution, so all of them are in the debian repositories (except ruTorrent).

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