I am looking for a simple image viewer available for Linux Mint with the following features:

  • Browsing folders with images
  • Selecting and adding images to collections
  • Removing images from collections
  • Saving those collections as simple line based text files with on image file path per line

I have looked into feh which comes close to what I need. It can load file lists, shows the contained images and allows me to remove images from that list. However, I could not find a way to add images to those file lists. Maybe there is some kind of extension?

Ideally, I would like to start the image viewer like this:

image-viewer --file-list=my_image_collection.txt --recursively ~/my_image_folder

By which I mean this: Show all images contained in ~/my_image_folder and sub folders, mark all files listed in my_image_collections.txt and let me interactively add/remove files.

  • well... i don't know if there is such a application, but i can tell you the default image-organizer pix with its Catalogs is really close to your needs: the only thing, there is no GUI to save/export the catalog(s), but they are stored (with it's slideshow-settings) as xml-file under ~/.local/share/pix/catalogs/your-collection-name.catalog. -- you can open & edit this xml-file with every text-editor. Oct 30, 2016 at 12:48
  • With feh, you could add an action --action1 "echo %f >>list.txt", then when you type 1 the current filename is appended to the list via the shell. You had probably better not have feh handle this list at the same time.
    – meuh
    Nov 1, 2016 at 9:51

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So to go the tui route there is fim, and you cam select images with [enter] allows you to print them to STD output (and thus a file). Feh, which was mentioned in the comments, appeats to be int eh same vein (but I haven't personally used it).

After digging for a solution that solves a similar requirement Geeqie solved it. You can have toggalable, visible marks. You can then copy them as a list of filenames. To get the "one filename per line" just took a quick replace on the text editor. A bit manual, but good enough for me.

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