I have a popular modpack that I published on the Minecraft platform, Technic Pack. It has recently boomed to the the top 3 on trending, creating a LOT of downloads. I have been using my free account on Dropbox for the downloads, but my public links were temporarily banned due to excessive bandwidth usage (over 20GB in one day). I don't want to pay for a pro account since I make no money off of this modpack, but I still want it to keep on trucking on, so to speak.

So my question is are there other trustworthy download services that I can use for free that have a much higher bandwidth limit or none at all?

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I found a site called x10hosting, that can be used for downloads. It has an unlimited download cap, with the only downside being you have to login every month, or they will cancel your account. I had to figure it out, but to use it for downloads, you have to create a custom website, upload the files, and then when you go to the website, right click the download link and use that as the direct download link.

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