Is there a javascript app or any way to display videos held in a dropbox folder, such as a gallery? I'm a sports coach, and I'd like to create a page where videos from my dropbox can be displayed in a gallery. Ideally, I'd like to be able for this folder to be a public folder that my clients can upload video to, and the videos displayed dynamically on the page, so if someone uploads a new video to my dropbox, it automagically gets displayed.

Is this even possible to create a gallery of videos that reside on dropbox? If not, anyone got any good suggestions on a way to do it? I often teach kids, so it would be better if anyone was able to post rather than requiring them to sign up, and the page would only be for my previous customers and I'll probably keep it from being indexed by google, so security by obscurity is fine by me.

Thanks! Oh, and I'm sorry if any part of this is off topic, I'm new to the site, and whilst I did look for posting requirements, I haven't been able to find them, not sure whether I'm looking but not seeing.

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