I want a C++ library which would allow me to dynamically construct a distribution, from a wide selection of distribution families, with its appropriate parameters, based on configuration data read from disk or from console (rather than deciding which distribution it is at compile-time, i.e. not just selection via template parameters). I need to be able to use this constructed distribution to (relatively) efficiently generate large amounts of data.


  • Libre
  • Gratis
  • Available for Linux and Windows
  • Ability to create composed distributions from existing ones (e.g. the application of some f: R^2->R to pairs of random variables with known distributions).


  • Support for explicitly-specified distributions over small finite domains
  • Support for distributions over complex numbers
  • Support for distributions over more complicated types (variants, tuples, optionals etc.)
  • C++17, or at least C++11
  • Known to work with many compilers, including clang, gcc and msvc
  • No Boost dependencies
  • Used in more than toy projects
  • Actively maintained
  • Plays nice with the standard library distributions

Don't care:

  • Compiled or header-only
  • Pseudorandom or using hardware entropy sources

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C++11 includes a number of statistical distributions without a Boost requirement:


For composing or mixing distributions, see this example:


This should be all that you need. If not, there is a header-only library containing a number of other useful statistical distributions here:


The same author also has C++ MCMC and optimization libraries.

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