I would like to create a HTML tool which provides a timeline analysis of a trace log. Essentially I will be generating events (each of which have an associated start/end time and some payload data), and would like to visually be able to view the events and their associated data. Essentially the events will have a start time, an end time (or duration), and a payload. These events simply come from a log file.

The time range for these events will be on a millisecond and second basis, so I need a framework that can handle providing second/ms time slices.

Ideally it would look and function a lot like Chrome's timeline tool, which shows events, their durations, and their payloads upon inspection. Even the memory analysis aspect would be useful. Ideally I would also get to customize the look and feel of the timeline, but that is not a necessary requirement.

Are there any Javascript libraries that can help me out?

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I've figured it out, I was able to adapt HighChartscolumn range chart to fit my use case. It allowed me to specify a number as the range at the bottom (which I can simply use as my milliseconds).


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