I need a browser that allows me to run multiple tabs or instances, but I need that each page is completely isolated.

So I should be able to use a different proxy on each page and separate cookie store and cache.


Oni, Ghost Browser lets you isolate browsing Sessions in each tab. You can also assign a different proxy for each tab with new Ghost Proxy Control extension. No messing VMs or anything. Everything is right there in one browser window. More details here: https://ghostbrowser.com/blog/set-different-proxy-for-each-tab/

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Somiibo is another software that does this as well. You can assign a unique session to each tab which means independent proxies, logins, cache, cookies, and everything. This proxy browser is free at the moment.


Thinking out of the box and back in the best that I know of is to use Virtual Box or VMWare to run multiple operating system instances, each with a browser running, possibly "full screen", in tabs.

  • If you use a light Linux install as the base for each OS instance the memory consumption will not be much higher than some browsers. Damn Small Linux for example is 50MB and includes a browser and runs in 128 MB of RAM, NanoLinux is 14 MB and there are several other tiny distributions.
  • You can even get 30 day licenced windows distributions, complete with browsers, from Microsoft for test use.
  • Complete isolation of the browsers, cache, cookies, file system, etc.
  • Virtual Box is Free & Cross Platorm
  • VMWare has some free versions

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