I have a wide variety of file types (software packages, video tutorials, books, etc...), and many of them, that are stored in an inconvenient manner, e.g.:

  1. Many reside in X:\deliverables and cannot be moved from there
  2. Many of them are zipped and divided to certain file size (e.g. pack.a00, pack.a01, ..., pack.a72)
  3. Some have file names that cannot not be changed and do not make any sense (e.g. protoRFC-830.docx)
  4. Some are offline in some external storage
  5. Some are just web-links...

I want to create a catalog of all these files, so whenever I need to find certain package, I just search for that and find where it is located.

  1. Adding files are carried out manually - no need for scanning
  2. Tagging - very important! I need the ability to tag certain package, and be able to search by tags as well (e.g. software, graphics, open-source, vector, media-conversion, ...).
  3. It would be great if this tagging system would be somewhat sophisticated, like tags can be related to others, or there is a tree-like tags structures (a vector is type of graphics)
  4. Content indexing is almost of no use in this case - search for files is done by data inserted manually (description, notes, tags) ...
  5. ... although files properties are important: the capability to search by size, extension, file-creation/alteration-time, and so on

The killer feature: Windows explorer integration (right-click -> set folder tags, description, etc...)

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