I need to get some kind of noise or image or pop up notification for events my Windows 10 PC. But here it says:

Note: To get notifications on your computer, you need to have Google Calendar open in your browser.

I think that's super annoying. Are they referring to have it in a tab?

I can't afford to have Google calendar open in a tab all week only for some dentist appointment in three days. I need to program a pop out notification at a programmed schedule, on the PC.


To do this, navigate to the Start Menu, and select the Calendar app in the top-right corner. Once the Calendar is up, to add a Google account you'll need to find the Settings icon, located in the bottom left-hand corner of the app.

More info


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    I;m not sure you understood something about my question. It's about an extension or app called "google calendar", you are talking about Windows 10 caendar. I don't think they can be combined, probably were you mistaken? Thank you for the help! – Santropedro Oct 17 '16 at 1:48
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    @Santropedro - Did you actually read Raghu's post and the article he linked to? It seems a decent solution to your question. If not, perhaps you can edit/clarify your question. – CJM Oct 18 '16 at 16:28
  • @CJM No, I hadn't saw the link sorry! My bad. – Santropedro Oct 18 '16 at 17:25
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    @Santropedro thanks for going through my answer, it worked for me – Raghu Ariga Oct 19 '16 at 3:09
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    @CJM there are always 10 ways to do the same thing will update answer – Raghu Ariga Oct 19 '16 at 3:10

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