Is there a chrome extension, that enables distraction free reading mode in Google Chrome based on the website domain?

I frequently visit some website and would like to enable reading mode without manually enabling it. I had come across such extension long time ago. But I can't find it, I did some research and found about Readability and other similar extensions, but can't find the one that does it automatically.

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I already have uBlock Origin installed anyway, and I've been using the "element picker" tool to turn off distracting sidebars on sites I visit frequently (such as "Hot Network Questions" on StackExchange).

  • Fewer extensions installed = better security (you should be using an ad blocker, anyway)
  • Turn off exactly what you want to
  • Settings are specific for sites, and always turned on

It doesn't include CSS for pretty, minimalist formatting, but it definitely helps with my ADD.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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