I had a chance to try VueScan, basically it's a third-party software that supports a lot of scanners and allow you to scan with a load of options, tons more than normally available even on the best proprietary driver.

This way if the scanner is supported in the list even if it's cheap and have a crappy original driver you can squeeze a lot of stuff/features from it.

My question is: There are out of there some very powerful printing drivers for Windows x64 (yes i want to replace the original canon, epson, brother, hp ones) that gives you more and more control like vuescan does for the scanners?

As example I can provide a screenshot:

        example of VueScan interface, full of options and light interface                          example of VueScan interface, full of options and light interface

Obviously it's ok for me have installed on the pc both drivers the proprietary and third-party ones, so if the custom software requires the original driver (like VueScan does with scanners) it's not a problem.

NOTE: I don't want a printing software with fluffy options, I want continue print for example from photoshop and so on, but I want to pick as printer the advanced driver.

An example of use could be the following:

  • not all cheap printer drivers allows you to disable color correction, with this software this would be available for all printers


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